Woof the Wait Request Program

We receive numerous requests each month from potential adopters who would like to be placed on a waiting list for a particular type of dog or puppy. In order to address these ongoing inquiries and better serve on surrounding communities, we recently launched the Woof the Wait Pet Request Program to help adopters who are seeking to adopt a specific size, gender, age and breed or breed mix.

Although we cannot guarantee that we will receive a dog or puppy that meets all of an adopters requirements, we will notify an enrolled program member if a new arrival matches exactly what someone is looking for. For example, if an adopter only wants a male, we will not contact them about a female that may match their other criteria. The more flexible a members criteria, the more likely a match will be made.

How does the Woof the Wait Program work?

Once a potential adopter is enrolled in the program, Animal House staff will make notification with possible matches, leaving a message if necessary with the date and time. You will have until 10 a.m. the following day to contact us back. If we don’t hear from the potential adopter, we can’t guarantee the dog or puppy will still be available. Once updated on the animal, you’ll have 24 hours to complete a Meet N Greet. If the adopter is not interested in moving forward with that dog or puppy then we will move onto the next person or family on the list and keep your search active.

How do I join the Woof the Wait program?

  1. Read the program information to understand how it works
  2. Complete the ONLINE FORM
  3. Complete the membership payment (scroll to bottom of this page for PayPal link)

Please note: Both the online form and fee must be paid in order complete enrollment. The membership fee of $25.00 covers the cost of maintaining the program. The fee is non-refundable and will not go toward the adoption fee of a dog or puppy.

How long will I be enrolled in the program?

Potential adopters will remain in the program until we make a match for you, you find another dog or puppy elsewhere, you are no longer looking to adopt, or you do not renew your membership. Memberships must be renewed every 90 days at no additional cost as long as we are notified in that timeframe. It is the responsibility of the program member to contact us and request the renewal. In addition, if we contact you three times regarding matches and do not receive a response, you will be automatically removed from the program.

What happens after I meet the dog or puppy?

Being a member of the Woof the Wait Pet Request Program is not an adoption agreement. If you meet a dog or puppy that you wish to adopt you will then complete our regular adoption process including the adoption application (which must be approved), a Meet N Greet with all family members and resident dogs (if not already completed), complete the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee.

As an adoption guarantee limited admission shelter, our mission remains to collaborate with overpopulated and underserved shelters and rescues to help reduce the euthanasia of adoptable dogs. The Woof the Wait Pet Request Program is a service to help those wishing to adopt, but looking for a specific furry best friend.