Volunteer Spotlight

  • Kiki Anderson

    Volunteer Since December 2017

    Kiki Anderson first became involved with Animal House as a volunteer dog walker and foster home back in 2007. Since then, she has helped various animal organizations around Fort Collins, including working for over a year in Larimer Humane Societys…

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  • Paul Vogl and Mary Trevino

    Volunteer Since October 2017

    Best friends Mary and Paul started volunteering in October 2017 and quickly became some of our most active and dedicated volunteers. Paul came across Animal House as he was looking at pit bull rescues online. Einstein, his brilliant 17-year-old pit…

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  • Nada Spasev

    Volunteer Since September 2017

    Foster volunteer Nada Spasev joined Animal House in September 2017, after previously fostering giant breed dogs for Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue in Denver. Nada was inspired to start fostering again after her soul mate dog, a beautiful German Shepherd…

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  • Olivia and Nicole Allen

    Volunteer Since July 2017

    Awesome mother/daughter team, Nicole and Olivia Allen, started volunteering at Animal House in July 2017. Volunteering was already an important part of their lives. They have made several trips to Costa Rica and Belize to volunteer, and Olivia has raised…

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  • Jamie Gross

    Volunteer Since January 2017

    Jamie Gross started volunteering for Animal House in January of this year. Jamie became involved as a volunteer and foster home for Big Fluffy Rescue when she lived in Nashville (she still fosters for Big Fluffy!) When she moved to…

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  • Joe Morton

    Volunteer Since January 2017

    Joe Morton started volunteering in January this year after meeting an Animal House adopter who mentioned that volunteers could walk shelter dogs. Joe had a wonderful dog for 16 years, who helped keep him exercised. After his dog passed away,…

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  • Haley and Jim Stewart-Reynolds

    Volunteer Since October 2016

    Haley and Jim moved to Fort Collins several years ago from Sacramento, CA, where they volunteered as dog handlers at Front Street Animal Shelter. They heard good things about Animal House and signed up as foster parents in October of…

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  • Debbie Sorensen

    Volunteer Since June 2015

    Debbie Sorensen started volunteering for Animal House in June of 2015. Debbie had been involved as a volunteer with the Service Dog Project in Boston, and she decided that she wanted to do something locally to help dogs. She started…

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  • Lance Sollid

    Volunteer Since January 2015

    Lance started volunteering at Animal House in January 2015. He had moved from Minnesota to Colorado for a new job and volunteering was a good way to meet local people. Lance works as an electrical engineer for a company that…

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  • Dilara Kiran

    Volunteer Since October 2014

    In July 2014 Dilara Kiran moved to Fort Collins to begin the combined degree DVM/PhD program at CSU and currently conducts research on Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Dilara knew that she wanted to adopt a dog from a local rescue or shelter…

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  • Stacy Hodgson

    Volunteer Since October 2013

    Stacy Hodgson is a very familiar face at the shelter because she helps in so many ways! She started at Animal House as an animal care volunteer in 2013, and quickly progressed to dog walking, events (including becoming an event…

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  • Colleen Timothy

    Volunteer Since May 2012

    Colleen Timothy has been a volunteer with Animal House since 2012. She fostered five dogs for us and then adopted the sixth!She has been adog walker and Advanced Canine Coach, and helps with play groups. Colleen also shares her passion…

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  • Serena Rusden

    Volunteer Since September 2007

    Serena Rusden became involved with Animal House almost 10 years ago! She started out walking dogs with her daughter, Isabelle, who needed to complete a service project for middle school. After that, Serena became more and more involved with the…

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