Stacy Hodgson

Volunteer Since October 2013

Stacy Hodgson is a very familiar face at the shelter because she helps in so many ways! She started at Animal House as an animal care volunteer in 2013, and quickly progressed to dog walking, events (including becoming an event lead,) front desk reception, freedom rides, and fostering.

Stacy grew up participating in 4-H and has trained all kinds of animals, including horses, cattle and sheep. At Animal House, she became a K9 Coach, our most advanced dog-handling volunteer position, so that she could better help the dogs with behavior issues, including her foster dogs.

Because of her strong dog handling skills and knowledge of Animal House, Stacy was invited last year to become a Volunteer Mentor to new volunteers just starting out as dog walkers. Stacy loves being able to teach people about the care and handling of the dogs and about the importance of animal rescue. She enjoys getting to know new volunteers, seeing them excited to help, and learning about their motivations to volunteer. Animal House is such a great example of what a rescue should be! says Stacy.

Assistant Shelter Manager and Foster Coordinator, Jess Cytron, says, Stacy is kind-hearted and open-minded when it comes to our dogs. She loves all sizes and types of dogs and has a heart for the Pit Bulls. Stacy first captured my eye as an incredible foster mom when she stepped up to help Ella the Pittie who was at one point a hospice foster. Stacy is incredibly tolerant, patient, and sweet with the dogs and has so much love to give.

When shes not volunteering, Stacy works as the Production Coordinator for Amerimax, and she enjoys getting outside to run and hike. Her family includes her two sons, Tristan and Lane, her 12-year-old Chihuahua, Lola, and her 12-year-old Pug, Pacco. Lane himself is guardian to two sugar gliders, Nova and Willow.

Stacy, you are an essential member of the Animal House family. Thank you for the love and support you have given to both the DOGS and the PEOPLE here at Animal House. We are all lucky to have you here!

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