Serena Rusden

Volunteer Since September 2007

Serena Rusden became involved with Animal House almost 10 years ago! She started out walking dogs with her daughter, Isabelle, who needed to complete a service project for middle school. After that, Serena became more and more involved with the organization, including helping with fundraising and outreach events, Freedom Rides, and fostering. Recently, Serena spent over 51 hours painting the interior of the new shelter in preparation for Animal Houses move!

Serena is often the first person to step forward to foster the dog with the highest need. Because there are no other pets in her home, Serena provides an ideal foster home for adult dogs that dont want to share a house with other pets. Serena says, I have just really loved fostering dogs. It has been a very soulful experience. After so many, she has lost count of the number of dogs she has fostered. Serena falls in love with them all, but her favorite foster dog was Brownie, a very sweet pit bull mix. She explains that its both a happy and sad feeling when a foster dog moves on, but its more happy than sad, knowing that they are going to be loved and in a good home.

Serena also loves providing transport for dogs coming to Animal House from other shelters. She says, Theres something about a Freedom Rideyoure going to save these dogs! Giving a Freedom Ride involves driving the big shelter van filled with dog crates down to Denver to meet transport drivers who have driven the dogs very far, often from out of state. It really touches my heart that there are all these people around the country who love dogs and are willing to help them, she says.

When Serena isnt volunteering, she works part-time as a professional organizer, and she is a world traveler. She is working on her bucket list of destinations, including Peru, India, Australia, and Spain. She plans to learn to surf and speak Spanish.

Serena perfectly explains the value of volunteering. One sets out with the intention to give, but then gets back even more in return, because the dogs give back so much love. Serena, the love and support you have given the dogs and Animal House has literally saved lives. Thank you so much for your compassion and dedication!



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