Paul Vogl and Mary Trevino

Volunteer Since October 2017

Best friends Mary and Paul started volunteering in October 2017 and quickly became some of our most active and dedicated volunteers. Paul came across Animal House as he was looking at pit bull rescues online. Einstein, his brilliant 17-year-old pit bull, passed away in February. Einstein helped Paul through a difficult and prolonged treatment for thyroid cancer. “He calmed me down and kept me focused and happy,” Paul says. Mary became interested in volunteering as a way of supporting Paul. Mary got to know Einstein very well and helped with his care as he became older. “We’re doing this for Einstein. Einstein would want us to help other dogs.”

Helping the shelter dogs is exactly what Paul and Mary are doing! They come in to walk dogs almost every single weekday. They make an amazing team as they bring dogs out of their kennels, dress them for walks, take them out for exercise, and wipe their paws. Paul and Mary have noticed that some dogs respond better to a male or female voice, so with both of them, they are able to help every dog feel more comfortable. Paul also feels stronger since starting as a dog walker. “They are my physical therapists,” Paul says, “and emotional therapists,” Mary adds.

Paul enjoys getting to know all the different personalities of the dogs and being around the positive people who volunteer and work for Animal House. Mary strongly relates to Animal Houses mission of giving dogs a second chance in life. She relocated to Fort Collins one and a half years ago, and starting a life in Colorado feels like a second chance for her too. As a lifelong dancer, she likes to stay active and appreciates the exercise that walking dogs provides.

Mary and Paul are all around animal lovers. Mary has a special affinity with cats, and she says of Paul, “He’s not just a dog whisperer, but a horse whisperer too.” They stay busy when they aren’t volunteering. Paul has a recording studio at his house and plays guitar in his band, Meglomaniaxe. He also fixes up Harley Davidson motorcycles. Mary has been an astrologer for 40 years, and she enjoys helping people in their lives through her practice, After the Eclipse Astrology. She explains that dogs have a horoscope too (Einstein was a Scorpio.)

Paul and Mary, thank you for honoring Einstein in such a meaningful way. We truly appreciate your smiles, your calm energy while working with the dogs, and the love and exercise you give them. You are an inspiration for us all!




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