Nada Spasev

Volunteer Since September 2017

Foster volunteer Nada Spasev joined Animal House in September 2017, after previously fostering giant breed dogs for Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue in Denver.

Nada was inspired to start fostering again after her soul mate dog, a beautiful German Shepherd named Sasha, passed away. After the heartbreak of losing Sasha, Nada decided not to adopt another dog. But during Animal House’s move, she stepped up to foster our friend, Yogi, a Rottweiler mix. Yogi has thrived under Nada’s care. He was overweight and out of shape when he went to Nada’s home. With daily walks, frisbee at the park, and supplemental veggies in his diet, Yogi has lost 12 pounds (which is the equivalent of a person losing 60 pounds, Nada explains!) His arthritis symptoms have improved, and he’s capable of walking 4 miles now. She has helped him overcome his fear of men, and now Yogi is even friends with the mailman!

Nada fosters because she loves seeing the dogs in a real home and helping them feel loved. Some of the dogs she has fostered have been traumatized or abused. She finds it rewarding to make them feel safe and help them learn to trust people again; plus, adopters can better observe a dog’s true personality when the dog feels calm.

Fostering also comes with challenges mainly that it is hard to let your foster dogs go. Nada still cries every time one of her foster dogs gets adopted, but she remembers that, “As a foster, you play this little part in their life, you’re a link.” Nada has always had a deep connection with animals. “They bring me joy. They are healing,” she says. Because they are so sensitive to emotions, animals help Nada become more aware of her own energy.

In addition to Yogi, Nada has Ellie, her Catahoula Leopard Dog/Australian Shepherd mix. Ellie was originally adopted from Animal House by someone else, but made her way to Nada after that first adoption didn’t work out. Nada runs a successful graphic design business, Nada’s Graphics. When she volunteered for Big Dogs Huge Paws, she created all their marketing, including their logo and brochures. When she’s not working or taking care of her foster dogs, Nada is a fan of horror movies, art projects, and taking the dogs hiking with friends.

Nada, THANK YOU for being an angel to Yogi and other dogs in need. Your compassion for the dogs and passion for fostering are saving lives!

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