Linda Hoffman

Volunteer Since October 2014

Linda began volunteering at Animal House after her joyful Pekinese/Poodle mix, Cato (named after the houseman in the original Pink Panther movies), died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2014. He was the funniest dog she ever had and never met a stranger.

Linda started out walking and socializing the shelter dogs. She would bring in a blanket and cushion and just sit in the runs with the small dogs. Sometimes there would be 4-5 dogs sharing a run. After about 45 minutes with them, all the dogs would crawl onto the blanket with Linda and fall asleep.

During a kennel cough outbreak at the shelter, Linda began fostering and has fostered ever since then. Linda loves fostering and finds it very meaningful and rewarding. She says, “I let the dogs dictate. They tell me how it’s going to be and pretty soon they are in my lap.” She recognizes that many of them have had a hard life and sees it her job to help them feel safe and help them to learn to trust people and receive affection and love. Linda has fostered so many that she has lost count. The most recent foster dog fortunate to have her as a foster mom was Rudy, a miniature Poodle mix.

After attending culinary school in her fifties and studying in France for a month, Linda worked as a private chef and taught group cooking classes. Now she mostly teaches private classes and focuses on teaching the anti-inflammatory diet to help people improve their health. She also writes a weekly food column for The Coloradoan newspaper.

Linda, you have been a hero and angel for so many dogs in need, including Rudy. Your dedication to fostering and your compassion for the dogs are inspiring to all of us here at Animal House! We appreciate you!!

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