Kiki Anderson

Volunteer Since December 2017

Kiki Anderson first became involved with Animal House as a volunteer dog walker and foster home back in 2007. Since then, she has helped various animal organizations around Fort Collins, including working for over a year in Larimer Humane Societys medical department. Together with her husband Andrew (Drew), who is also a volunteer, she has fostered over 80 dogs and cats! Overall, my passion is animals, says Kiki. This shows in all aspects of her life.

Kiki earned her Veterinary Technician degree in 2013, and now she volunteers in Animal Houses medical department. As a Certified Veterinary Technician, Kiki can help with all aspects of medical care for the dogs, including helping with physical exams, giving medications and vaccinations, microchipping, monitoring the dogs vitals during surgery, and anesthesia recovery.

Because Kiki helps evaluate the dogs when they first arrive at Animal House, she is in the unique position of being able to watch their progression, from new arrival to adoption. She sees them change from stressed and scared when they first arrive, to comfortable and confident once they acclimate to the change they have been through. She finds it very rewarding to help make sure the dogs are healthy and to be a part of the joy that people feel when they adopt a new family member. Kiki points out that seeing the dogs find forever homes, feels like a victory!

Kiki and Drew have two sons, Darius, age 3, and Cyrus, age 4. They own and run a hops farm north of Fort Collins called Celastrina Hop Farm, which is named after a butterfly that is only found in Colorados wild hops. The farm has 2,500 hops plants, which Kiki and Drew harvest in September and sell to local craft brewers, which have included New Belgium, Horse & Dragon, Gilded Goat, and Odell Brewing Co. In addition, their homestead includes 4 dogs, 2 cats, 6 hens, 3 goats, a rabbit, a miniature cow, and several hives of bees!

Kiki, thank you for the passion, skills, and knowledge that you bring to your volunteer job at Animal House. The work you do helps our medical team tremendously and has made a life-saving difference to the wonderful dogs that find their way to Animal House. Plus, its fun to know that your farm has contributed to the great beer that Fort Collins breweries produce. You are a very talented woman!

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