Jamie Gross

Volunteer Since January 2017

Jamie Gross started volunteering for Animal House in January of this year. Jamie became involved as a volunteer and foster home for Big Fluffy Rescue when she lived in Nashville (she still fosters for Big Fluffy!) When she moved to Fort Collins, she learned about Animal House through the Executive Directors mother, Kathryn Eccleston, at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists in Loveland.

Jamie started out walking dogs, but then discovered that help was needed in Animal Care. A self-described, crazy dog person, Jamie and her boyfriend Matt have 5 dogs of their own, in addition to 2 foster dogs, so she does LOTS of dog walking. She walks and hikes the dogs in groups, and sometimes walks as many as ten miles a day! Sometimes she adds in a group activity like going to the dog park. Animal Care offered a great way for her to get to know the shelter dogs without additional walking. Jamie feeds, rotates dogs to play runs, cleans indoor and outdoor runs, gives medication, and cares for the dogs in the quarantine area. But the best part of her volunteer job is being able to hang out with the dogs in the kennels. Jamies expert help is indispensable to staff. Her presence allows staff more time to hang out with the dogs too. In addition to Animal Care, Jamie gives, Freedom Rides for dogs being transported to Animal House from other shelters.

Jamie and Matts pack includes Jeffrey (5-year-old black lab mix), Juneau (5-year old-shepherd mix), Murray (3-year-old husky), Finley (8-month-old hound mix from Animal House), and Cora (6-year-old pittie from Animal House, who shares Jamies photo.) They are currently fostering Zeus from Big Fluffy and Ruby from Animal House. Jamie and Matt love Ruby so much, but she always keeps in mind that her foster dogs will ultimately find the best place for them.

As much as she cares for dogs, Jamie also cares about people. She has a Masters Degree in Family Studies, and she worked for child protective services in Nashville. Jamie is currently enrolled in a Masters of Counseling program and training in Animal Assisted Therapy. Ultimately Jamie wants to work with people dealing with trauma, anxiety, and PTSD.

Jamie, the help you give the dogs and staff is vital to Animal House, and YOU are an inspiration to us all. THANK YOU for all you do!


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