Zoey (formerly Bindi)

Adopted March 2013

Hi Animal House Staff:

My name was Bindi when I was adopted over Thanksgiving last year by a great family. They renamed me Zoey because it just sounded more like me. My new mom and dad just love me – they are always laughing at me and I hear them say I am so funny. I've learned so much from new friend Lacey (see the pics) and we do everything together. I have a basket full of toys and I like to have every one of them out in the middle of the room. My new family and I go on walks and car rides which are lot of fun and there is a great backyard for me to run in with Lacey.

Everyone says I am very well behaved for just getting into the family but I am still a puppy and do still get into some "puppy trouble" like chewing on my mom's shoes or her basket of flowers. I got a "time-out" on my bed for that stuff – not so bad really – I think I am too funny for them to get to angry me!

Thank you all again for finding me a GREAT family – all of you are so wonderful!

Wags…Wags….Wags….. Zoey (Bindi) Helme


Thank you Animal House for bringing Zoey and all of us together…She keeps us in smiles all the time!

Lisa Helme

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