Zander (formerly Bumble)

Adopted March 2010

Hi all –

I've taken a bunch of pictures of Zander (Bumble to you), but am finally getting them organized. I thought I'd send you a few to show you much he's grown up and a little taste of how he's settled in here. There's a variety of pictures. One of him is with his older sister Macey. As the picture shows, they are inseparable. There's one I call "Zander looking pathetic" because he was trying to make sure I knew he was there while I was eating dinner. When you get to the one of my glasses, please refer to the question on your application about what you would do if they chewed up something of value. The rest are just a few of my favorites. I'm having a painting done of him and I'll send you an e-mail when the painting is done.

I can't tell you how much of a cherished member of our family he is. His is still quite mischievious, but he's growing up and getting better all the time. He just had his 1 year check up and vaccinations – he now weighs 66 pounds and was declared perfectly healthy and happy. He loves playing with his big brother and sister, but he is most definitely a Mama's boy. He's very sweet and loving and I just couldn't ask for better. I do know he could not possibly be more loved!

Karen Echols 

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