Willis (formerly Goofy)

Adopted June 2012

Hi Animal House!

My husband and I adopted Willis (aka Goofy) back in October of 2011 and have had a splendid time experiencing life with him.  Together, we have explored Kentucky, Moab, numerous hot springs,  the Rocky Mountains, parks, forests, lakes, and everywhere in between.  The pictures we have included are just a small sampling of our fun times together.  

Willis, a German Shepard mix, has the sweetest deposition I've ever seen in a dog.  The only disciplinary problem we had with him was his eagerness to greet everyone (strangers on the street, other dogs, kids, etc) with a multitude of licks and tail wags.  

For his large size we still marvel at his willingness to cuddle up close and his fear of water sprinklers.  We love Willis deeply and appreciate Animal House for bringing us together.

Thanks for all you do,
Cheryl and Daniel Bowker

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