Weston (formerly Clark)

Adopted July 2011

Weston (formerly Clark)

We adopted Weston (formally Clark) in November 2010 from the litter of pups you rescued from Arkansas. We wanted to provide you with a recent photo.

He is 10 months old and 36#. He has been a great pup and some of his true colors have appeared. We named him after Edward Weston (famous black and white photographer) and the pup was initially just black and white and now he has some tan accents.

He loves to point at anything that moves: butterflies, rabbits, birds, grass hoppers…you name it! He can 'sing' on command and is a great joy to have around. He enjoys being up in the mountains for skiing, biking and hiking.

Thanks so much for providing us with such a great friend!
Barb Allan and Greg Mazu

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