Adopted December 2012

Hi animalhouse,

We wanted to tell you that Verse, who we adopted about six months ago, is doing great.

When we first adopted Verse, he was very mouthy when exited. He would lock onto an arm, when we returned home, and would only involuntarily let go. Our assumption is that he never learned how to "play well", since the only time he did have an owner was when he was a puppy, and we all know how a lot of people play with puppies… His welcome is still a bit overwhelming, though he has gotten much better. Recently we figured out that the situation is best solved by putting a yummy raw hide between his teeth.

Food is Verse's favorite thing in the world, and only playing with our first dog Uni (yes, together they are the UniVerse) or intensive face rubbing comes close.

I attached two pictures for you; feel free to use them on your website.

All the best,

Kurt and Karina Waage

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