Tucker (formerly Scooter)

Adopted January 2013

Hi Animal House!

I adopted Tucker last July and wanted to let you know how he is doing!

The moment he stepped into his own backyard, Tucker knew he was home. I don't think he sat still the entire first few days – there was so much to explore! He claimed my bed as his own and still snuggles with me every night, no matter how much I might object to him taking up the ENTIRE queen size bed.

He loves to be outside just to watch the people and dogs walk by, and loves when we get to have play time with his best friends Riley and Bones – they can play for hours and have endless amounts of energy! We go for walks almost every day on the trail by our house, and just the sight of his leash sends him into a frenzy.

As we found out a couple months ago, Tucker absolutely LOVES the snow! He likes to chase the snowflakes as they fall and gets confused when he can't catch them! He will also sit and watch the squirrels play outside for hours, never once taking his eyes off of them.

Tucker is the one who drives me insane yet keeps me sane all at the same time. He has been a wonderful addition to my life and I am thrilled every day that I was able to adopt him. Thank you!


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