Tosha (Formerly Tankini)

Adopted May 2017

Just a quick update on our fabulous puppy Tosha (formerly Tankini) we adopted from you guys back in September! Tosha is thriving in her home with her 10 year old Chihuahua buddy Chuck. They constantly play and can almost always be found cuddling together. She has grown from a 2-month-old 7lb nugget into a 25lb 10-month-old energizer bunny that can’t get enough of her playtime! We will be relocating to Lone Tree in a few weeks and are all excited to get out on the bluffs trails and test out some dog parks. Thank you so much for our wonderful firecracker of a puppy and for all you do for the Northern Colorado dog population!

-Ashleigh, Bradley, Tosha, and Chuck

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