Teddy (Formerly Dawson)

Adopted February 2016

First, we have renamed him Teddy.  We considered many names but after living with him for a week, I feel Teddy quite nicely expresses his personality, physical appearance, and mannerisms.  He is truly a little living, breathing teddy bear.
Teddy is doing extraordinarily well.  In fact, if I did not know better, I would swear he is not a mill dog.  He doesn’t not have any of the characteristics of my other mill dog, Cooper.  He is not afraid of noises, not afraid of me when I stand up, he had no trouble adjusting to the comforts of a soft bed, etc.  Instead, he is acting very much like a new puppy.  He seems to absolutely love his new home, and he truly has become my shadow. 
He also has taken very well to Cooper and sleeps with him every night, in Cooper’s bed.  He loves going outside and is proving to be remarkably good at learning to go outside to do his business.  I will note, however, that he is a ferocious eater – I am going to have to be very careful to control that so that he does not become overweight.  So, all in all, this is going remarkably well. Thanks again for all of your help in allowing me to make this wonderful adoption.
-Tom Rewerts

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