Adopted February 2011

Syd is wonderful. He and Wilbur get along very well, although Syd bosses him a little bit. He eats well, and kisses anything that stops moving long enough. He loves to crawl under the covers at night and will maneuver so he is next to his favorite human of the moment.

He has adapted well to the winter program of moving from the sunny window to the fire. He does defend his territory by barking at anyone walking by, particularly if they dare to have a dog with them.

My vet and I watch his weight and we just tested his blood to make sure there was nothing going on that would make his neck lymph nodes seem a little bigger than normal. All normal.

He eats well. He loves to go in the car, has several coats, and does not understand if he has to stay home because it is too cold. He did great in obedience class once he figured out what we wanted him to do. He likes to be praised and will crawl on top of the laptop if he doesn't get attention quickly enough. He has had one shower, which he tolerated.

He is a fully integrated member of the family and we love him a lot. Thanks to Aniimal House for helping us come together.

John Beck and Dru Brenner-Beck

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