Sprocket (formerly Chuck)

Adopted February 2009

We adopted a little mixed terrier, tan dog from Animal House last June out at the dog show at Centerra. He's a wonderful dog and I thank you for saving him and keeping him safe till we found him and adopted him. He is a loving little guy, and just wonderful with the grandchildren when they come to visit. He loves everybody!

About a week ago when I was taking him for a walk on a retractable leash, I accidentally dropped the leash. Sprocket spooked when the hard case of the leash hit the ground and he started running. He is a very fast runner and I couldn't catch him. I headed for home as fast as I could to get the car and go out looking for him. We were about a 15-minute walk away from home. When I got home, there he was, laying on the front porch. I didn't know he knew the way, especially with the plastic case of the leash making a racket on the pavement behind him. Even terrified, he knew his way home.

We'd like to help with your the shelter's needs. I will put a check in the mail tomorrow and try to give again whenever we can. You do good work – it should continue.

Thanks for Sprocket!

Sue and Hal Squier 

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