Adopted June 2014

My spouse Jack and I came to the Animal House looking for opportunities to volunteer. Suddenly Jack found a Chihuahua that took his heart away. Skip had been at the shelter for a little over 9 months but hadn't been adopted because of a few behavioral issues.
We (Jack) decided to look past those behaviors and Skip came into our home a little timid but ready for love. Jack immediately gave him that love and Skip reciprocated. Jack and I are not the only occupants in our home, there are also 2 other Chihuahuas; Taffy and Charlie. Fortunately there have been no problems between the dogs. 
Taffy, Charlie, and Skip have figured out where they fit in the grand scheme of the family. The bond between Jack and Skip has instantly helped Skip to get over his shyness and turned him into a sweet kind puppy. 
As I stated earlier, Skip had been at Animal House for approximately 9 months. He is just the example of why shelters like this are imperative. These types of shelters help to allow the right kind pets to find the kind owners. 
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