Adopted October 2015

We adopted Shiloh in August 2010. Newlyweds at the time, we were eager to adopt our first dog together. When we went to Animal House we knew that we wanted a larger dog.  All of the dogs eagerly barked and came right up to meet us, except Shiloh. She stayed at the back of the kennel peering up at us with shy eyes. I knew right away she was the one for our family. Everyone at Animal House was so helpful and told us some personality traits that never changed: she was motivated by food and loved the water.
Initially, she was so timid, and never barked that we asked our vet if her voice box was damaged. She simply was so shy she didn’t use her voice. The first time we witnessed “Shy” coming out of her shell was when we took her for a swim at the Cache Le Poudre River.  She darted back and forth on the beach, lunging into the water after whatever we threw, it was pure bliss. We still call that stretch of the river “Shy’s beach.”
To say that Shiloh shows us love every day is an understatement. There is a window from our garage into our backyard. Every single day when I come home and open the garage I can see her jumping for joy in the window. She is so gentle and sweet. We now have a 9 month old son and he pulls and crawls all over her. We are lucky to have our son get to grow up with such a wonderful, patient, loyal dog.  Shiloh has enriched our lives and completed our family. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.
Brenna Whittey

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