Savannah (Formerly Neera)

Adopted October 2017

I was going through some pictures to get ready for our calendar next year and thought I would send you an update on Miss Savannah. She is such a joy and love. She and Izzy are best buds and Izzy has adopted the Big Sister mantel to make sure no one messes with Savannah. Savannah has completed Puppy training and was of course the smartest puppy there. She has had some adventures along the way, which I captured in the photos attached: A little snack on a walk and a Tough toy stuck around the neck after she tried to take it through the dog door!

Her foster parents were excellent as she has had no issues and is very well adjusted, very independent yet extremely lovable. Again, I just wanted to thank you for the great care before she found her forever home.

-Karen S.

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