Samson (Formerly Colby)

Adopted July 2017

I wanted to provide an update on the puppy my boyfriend, Zach, and I adopted from you guys in February! Samson, formerly Colby, is now 7 months old and makes us laugh EVERY day! He was 11lbs when we first adopted him and now weighs 5x that! We’re pretty sure he’s a mix of Border Collie, Lab, and Great Pyrenees, so we’ve been telling people he’s a Great Border Lab. I think he’s gonna be a big boy once he’s full grown!He loves snuggling, eating peanut butter asa treat, hiking in the snow, playing with his stuffed toy “Piggy,” going for swims, and just generally being a goofy puppy (like climbing on top of his dad laying on the couch and sitting there awkwardly)! When he sees people he loves, he cries and whimpers out of excitement SO much that you’d think there’s something wrong with him, and he doesn’t stop until he gets at LEAST 3 minutes of pets and hugs from that person. And he’s extremely soft and fluffy as you can probably see! He’s a big, handsome dork and we couldn’t love him more. Thank you so much for matching us with such a wonderful pup!!

-Alli Paukstis and Zach Ducharme

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