Adopted December 2012

Hi Animal House,

We adopted Sammy almost 1 year ago and we are moving to Iowa.

I have attached a couple photos of Sammy. Once we brought him home, he adjusted immediately. He potty trained and learned basic commands very quickly. He is also a great apartment dog and is very quiet. He loves
all other dogs and has shown interest in cats, although he has never been able to get close enough to one.

Sammy was a little underweight, around 35 lbs. when we first brought him home. He has since gained a little weight and has learned to control his eating. We recently took him to the vet (Advanced Animal Care of Colorado) to update his shots, and he was deemed perfectly healthy!

Sammy has a few quirks that make him a very funny dog. At the dog park, he doesn't like to play fetch or tug-o-war. He does like when other dogs chase him, so he has a habit of "stealing" others' toys so they will chase him to get it back. When other dogs lose interest in chasing him, he will drop the toy and run away. He also really dislikes water. He has learned to tolerate bath time, but he does not like swimming or the rain. However, he loves the snow.  He also loves his crate and will nap in there, with the door open, all afternoon.

Robert and I are looking forward to our change of careers and location, we hope Sammy will like his new big house and yard! We will send an update after we are all settled!

Thank you for the amazing dog!
Megan and Robert


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