Sadie (Formerly Noel)

Adopted June 2015

Sadie (formerly Noel) was rescued in Arkansas just before Christmas, in 2013.  We learned that she was found with a litter of newborn puppies, living under a shed after her people moved away.  Fortunately, a whole team of people worked together to rescue Sadie and her puppies, bring the family to Colorado, and foster them while the puppies were weaned.  We're so glad they did!
We found Sadie on the Animal House website, and we were inspired by her story.  We were also drawn to something that was written in her description.  It was something along the lines of: Noel is looking for someone who will be as loyal to her as she will be to you.  And indeed, Sadie has been the most loyal dog we have ever known.  From her first day in our house, she claimed what would become her spot on our couch, and she claimed us as her people.  From that day forward, she has made it very clear that she would rather be wherever we are.  She even tries to herd us together if we are in different rooms!  
Poor Sadie came from Arkansas with a number of medical issues, including heartworm.  For most of the first six months that she lived with us, she was on strictly limited activity, and she had to get several painful shots.  But she was a great patient throughout her treatment, and the folks at Animal House made sure she got great care until she was declared heartworm free.  
Over the last year, we have watched Sadie become more comfortable and confident and playful with us.  She loves to toss balls to herself before chasing them down and pouncing on them.  She LOVES snow, and when given the chance to run around in the snow off leash, she starts bounding around like a kangaroo.  Most of all, she loves going anywhere and doing anything with both of her people.  When we are all on a walk together, she puts on a huge grin and does what we call her "parade" walk, where she just seems so happy and proud to be out and about.   
Sadie is still pretty nervous around new people, but even in her nervousness she exudes sweetness.  Whenever new people get to know Sadie, they can see how sweet and loyal she is, and her shyness just makes people want to earn her love and trust even more.  She is also still pretty reluctant about going new places or doing new things, but it is fun to watch how darn proud of herself she is once she figures out a new place or a new routine.  
We are so grateful that Sadie came into our lives, and we are trying very hard to be as loyal to her as she has been to us.  
-Elisabeth Page Pinsonneault

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