Sadie (formerly Eclair)

Adopted December 2010

Dear Animal House,

We would just like to thank you for all you do, and especially for saving Sadie, formerly Éclair. It constantly amazes us that anyone could have abandoned her. But their loss is our gain.

We brought her home in March as a 4-month-old puppy and we’ve been learning from each other ever since. She’s very smart, thanks to her border collie side and generally figures out what we’re trying to teach before we figure out how to teach it. Whether she listens is another matter :) She’s actually quite good for her age. She’s still just over one year old so there’s a lot of puppy left in her.

Despite the retriever in her, she’s been reluctant, until recently, to do much fetching. But she’s suddenly gotten very good at Frisbee and is fetching the tennis ball even when other pooches are around. Her favorite things are doing zoomies in the back yard, licking lotion off of legs in the morning (we call it lotion legs), eating greenies for dessert and just about everything else as long as it involves being with us.

Erik and Emily Wilmsen

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