Riley (formerly Samantha)

Adopted July 2012


My boyfriend and I adopted Riley this past April and just wanted to let you know how she is doing.

Riley became apart of our family the second we brought her home. She and our other dog, Bones, get a long great and are always together. They absolutely love each other. Riley is a quick learner and quickly picked up commands and tricks. She is so eager to please and loves to give kisses.  Although she is still fairly young, she is very smart and knows the rules.  We couldn't have found a better dog to bring into our family.

Riley is always ready to play and loves going for walks, playing fetch, hiking and to the dog park (where she not only figured out how to swim but also loves jumping off the dock)!   Anywhere where she can play in water is her favorite place to be and we have even bought her a kiddie pool for these hot summer days. She is always ready to play but knows when to calm down at night and loves to snuggle.

She is such a wonderful dog and we are so happy we got to adopt her.

Thank you!
Jen and Chris

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