Reggie (formerly Bartholomew)

Adopted May 2012

My fiance and I adopted Reggie from Animal House about a year ago, and we quickly fell in love! Reggie is the sweetest cuddle bug ever, and he quickly earned the nickname Potato from how much of a couch potato he is! Don't let  the snuggles fool you though, Reggie is a ball of energy. We love making him happy with hikes, walks, bike rides, visits to the dog park, and even runs on the treadmill in the morning when we don't have time to walk him.

He loves all dogs, people, children, and even cats, we couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog! He even plays with our two dachshunds, but lays on the floor while he does it so he doesn't hurt them. In the future Reggie will be a working dog that will visit children's hospitals and other places that could use his loveable, calm, happy energy. All in all, Reggie has just been an amazing addition to our family. He makes everyone around him happy and we are so grateful to the Animal House for making that happen.    

-Love Erica J. 

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