Adopted January 2014

We are coming upon a year from the date we adopted Phoebe, a 2 year old Flat Coated Retriever Mix.  She has changed so much since she came to be our doggy daughter.  

She was so quiet and timid when she arrived, but has become a happy, funny girl.  She loves being in the kitchen with me while I cut up fruits and vegetables and with my husband when he's slicing cheese. She has a toy that she takes outside through her doggy door in the middle of the night even though it takes several tries to get it through.

She loves doggy daycare 2 days/week and plays non-stop while there.  We have enjoyed having her with us during our running, hiking, backpacking adventures.  She did a 3 day backpack trip to the Rawahs over the summer and did great.  She loves to cool her belly in streams along the trail.  Her "Aunt" Wendy lives down the street and, when we have traveled, Phoebe has enjoyed staying with Wendy and her doggy cousin Lexi.  

Retrieving is not her favorite but chasing the ball and relaxing with it once attained is a favorite pastime.  She comes to happy hour with us to several of the local spots that have dog-friendly spaces.  She makes the oddest "wookie" noise sometimes to get our attention. She loves snow and we recently went on a yurt trip up past Cameron pass with her.  She did laps around the yurt, pouncing on piles of snow and eating it to refresh herself. Her doggy daddy, Jeff,  helped Phoebe watch the ground squirrels from the deck.

She is such a sweet and special doggy and we are so fortunate to have her in our lives.  Below are some photos from our family adventures.  Many more to come…

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