PG (Formerly Shana)

Adopted June 2017

Hello Animal House!

We just wanted to send you an update on how our wonderful puppy is doing. We adopted PG two months ago, on April 9, and are so happy that she is now a permanent part of our family! She is the sweetest, most energetic, and happiest dog we could have ever asked for. Please see the paw-written letter from PG herself:
“My new brother acts like me, is the same size, as me, and likes to play on the floor and cuddle with me, so he must be a puppy like me, right? I just know we are going to be best friends! I’ve filled out a bit since you last saw me. I was pretty quiet and timid at first, but now my parents can’t keep up with my energy. I can never get enough activity. I think I’m a good influence on them though because I’m running with Daddy more and more, we all go hiking in the mountains, and we socialize at the dog park where I always find new friends to chase me. That and belly rubs are my favorite! I don’t know why they keep throwing balls and stuff across the park. It’s like they expect me to go get it or something. What do they think I am, part retriever? Well, that’s all for now! Thank you all for taking care of me and helping me find my forever family!” -Love PG
Thank you so much for all the excellent work that you continue to do!
All the best,
Kyla, Aaron, and Briggs
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