Penny (Formerly Bonnie)

Adopted February 2016

Dear Animal House,
My name is Penny, but you would remember me as Bonnie. I was with you for a looooong time before mom and dad found me and adopted me almost 7 months ago. I want to tell you all how grateful I am for the love you showed me and the extra time you took to teach me manners and show me how to be a good girl for my parents. They tell me all the time how good I am, but even better is they give me treats for being a good girl! It's wonderful.
I don't remember a lot about living at Animal House, but mom says I was really scared and stressed out, which made it hard for other people to see what a good girl I was. But mom and dad saw it. They knew I would be the best dog ever, which is why they took me home and have given me so much love. Dad taught me so many new tricks and takes me on runs alongside his bike! That's my favorite. Mom is for cuddles and kisses. She let's me chew my bones on the couch when dad's not home. And she gives me lots of treats. And you should see the toys I have now! I probably have close to a billion toys now. I don't know how to count but I know a billion is a lot and I have a lot of toys.
I used to be very skinny, but now I weigh 65lbs and I go for walks ALL. DAY. LONG. This is the best life ever and I am soooo happy! And I couldn't have had this without you, Animal House. Thank you for loving me first and being patient with me while my parents looked for me. They are my pack now, and I love them as much as they love me.
Love always,
Penny Lane Patti (the good dog formerly known as Bonnie)
& Emily Rappaport and Matt Patti (my Mom and Dad)

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