Oy (formerly Atticus)

Adopted March 2009

The picture on the right is at a local park, when he decided that my glove was better than the tennis ball. Oy is about 14 weeks old in this picture, and in the month I have had him we have both taught each other a lot.

The picture on the left is Oy after he had burried a small teddy bear. Once I quit laughing at him I got the camera and snapped this picture after asking him where the bear was. I was not suppose to know even though he was digging the hole RIGHT under me.

And just on Sunday, Oy got to snuggle with my Grandfather, who does not let dogs on his lap. Oy was 1 day shy of turning 4 months, and my grandfather is 9 days shy of turning 85.

Thank you again for helping me find this great puppy!

Jamie O'Dell
Cheyenne, Wyoming
(Oy's Human) 

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