Opie (Formerly Copper)

Adopted June 2017

Hello Animal House!

We reached the 1 year home-aversary with a pup we adopted from you, originally named Copper. We renamed him Opie and12 months later, he is absolutely a part of our family.From the first moments in our home, Opie and our then 10 month old son hit it off immediately. Opie freely gave up his toys and bones to the baby and was so tolerant as our son tested the waters of having a new friend with such big, soft, tuggable ears!We also had a senior dog at the time who is sadly no longer with us. Opie gave her a cuddle buddy and playmate in her last days.We couldn’t imagine finding a better, sweeter dog for our family than we have found with Opie, thanks to you! Thank you for your continuous effort in caring for the animals that deserve loving homes and happy lives.


The Fenderson Family

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