Nola (Formerly Tequila)

Adopted October 2017

Several years ago, my husband and I moved to Colorado to find ourselves. What we found was a newaddition to our family, Nola. I originally visited Animal House Rescue with the intention of adopting a little Chihuahua named Quigley. Quigley was adopted and as fate would have it, Tequila, now Nola, was in thepen instead and stole my heart. I knew immediately that she was meant to be part of our family.For the last eight years, Nola has helped keep me in shape as my running buddy. She is always the firstone to give me kisses when I wake up in the morning or get home from work in the afternoon. She keepsme warm at night, to the frustration of my husband, consistently snuggling right next to my back. Shehas taught my children to respect and be kind to animals. And she has taught me responsibility – If I dontput food away off the counter, she will eat it and if I dont put my bras back in the drawers, she willspread them all around the house very important life lessons.A lifelong dog lover, I have fostered and am familiar with how cruel society can be to animals. Somepeople fail to see that dogs have souls and feelings just like humans. I am proud to be able to provideNola and our other dogs with a happy life and a family that loves them. I once heard that dogs will curlup in a ball when they sleep to protect their organs so they are less vulnerable. It may sound silly buteach night as Nola lay next to me on her back, spreading out her large 55 lb. body, I know she feels safeand I feel fortunate to have been able to provide her with that comfort.

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