Neville (Formerly Shorty)

Adopted January 2014

Neville (Shorty) is doing really well. His appetite is now normal. He used to be hesitant to take treats or eat his food, but all of those hesitations are now gone. He was also pretty timid in the beginning. He was very calm and almost stiff when we first brought him home. But over the last couple of weeks he has really come out of his shell.
We take him to the dog park where he loves playing with other dogs around his size. He loves to walk, but is also a great cuddle buddy on the couch. He does well in his crate at night, but isn’t too excited about the crate during the day when we are gone. We are trying several different methods to get him more comfortable with the crate. I’m sure it will just take time.

He starts training at “Come, Play, Stay” the first week of January. I will be sure to mention his stress of being alone to the trainer and see if they have any specific recommendations. He does really well with all other animals and people. He was even helping to train some aggressive dogs at Petsmart. A trainer was working one-on-one with a dog, and had Neville approach him a couple of times to see how he would react. Even with the dog growling, Neville was extremely calm.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Neville. He has been an absolute dream dog. I am so happy Animal House was able to take him in. We plan to get Neville a companion in the next couple of years, and will definitely be returning to Animal House for our next pet. I love what your organization does and have full intentions to donate in the future.
Lindsay Mason
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