Adopted October 2017

So many times, I resisted bringing home one of the sad eyed pups that I help, as a volunteer at AnimalHouse Rescue. But with 3 dogs at home, I didn’t dare push my luck with the Hubby, until one fateful dayin May of last year.I frequently transport new rescues, by picking them up and bringing them to the shelter. One day a sweetShepard mix Mama came in with her 11 puppies. She was a stray from Arkansas, so it was hard tellingwhat condition these puppies came from. All I remember was a crateful of wiggle butts, tails and noses,till suddenly, out popped one little guy who looked me straight in the eyes, unfaltering. Somehow, hespoke to my heart and I felt a connection.When I left the shelter that night, I just knew I had to go back. The next morning, I sent a few pictures tomy husband and must have caught him in a weak moment. To my surprise, he said to bring him home!!However, if you saw his picture, you’d probably give in, too!Well, my Three Amigos, were in for a surprise. The little motley crew; a Beagle, Puggle and Boxer quicklyshowed him the ropes. They had him potty trained in two days, using the doggie door! To myamazement, I anticipated a week of crying at night, but he never let out a peep, even on the first night. Igive most of the credit to our Boxer, who took over the motherly role. She acted like he was her puppyfrom day one.The year was full of fun and excitement with the new addition to the family. He fit right in, trail hiking andfinding his place in the pack. His big goofy personality makes a significant presence in our home and it’shard to remember what it was like without him.The addition of Myler to our family was a blessing in disguise. Unknown to us at the time, our little Roxyand Toby, only had a year left before they crossed the rainbow bridge. I brought Myler home in May oflast year and Roxy crossed over in May, with Toby to follow in June. It was heartbreaking to lose two soclose together; and even though they’ll always have a place in our hearts, having a new big baby hashelped us heal and ease the ache. Luckily, we still have Banda the Boxer, who is his most beloved,substitute Mama.For some reason, these precious creatures come to us, sharing their lives with unconditional love, whilewe know it’ll break our hearts when they leave. I think they teach us to live in the present and enjoy thelittle things. The sloppy kisses, the long walks and the winter snuggles. I will always treasure the year Ihad sixteen paws in my life. And I’m grateful a big beautiful mutt came to us when we needed him themost.

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