Murphie (formerly Pumpkin)

Adopted January 2013


Pumpkin is now Murphie… :)

And she is doing great! We have really enjoyed her the past few months… She tests my patience everyday, but we have been doing really great adjusting…

What can I say? She is almost 20lbs, she was just over 6lbs when we adopted her. She loves to go on walks, play in the snow, and play with all the 'big' dogs. She also like terrorizing our cat, Mama. They are still trying to adjust… She has done wonderful learning to stay in her kennel, it was a rough first couple of weeks, but she continues to do better all the time. She has a little 'excitement pee' issue, again – always working on getting better.

She is well known in our neighborhood – everyone just loves the Murph. We hear 'cutest dog ever' a lot… :) People also wonder what kind of dog she is… I call her my 'pound puppy', but our vet seems to think she may have a little poodle or Shih Tzu in the mix. She doesn't mind getting groomed, although they said it took 3 people to trim her nails – not a fan of that.

We are really looking forward to the spring, then we can spend more time outside. Its been so cold, our walks have become pretty quick!

Thank you to Animal House – we are very happy with Murphie. I was leery of getting a dog, she requires a lot of work – but she has been worth every minute of it!!!

I hope her mom and all of her siblings are doing good, I am sure Animal House found awesome homes for them also!

Thank you again – Katie
Katie Chalfant

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