Ms. Coco Chanel (formerly Twist)

Adopted August 2012

Hello to everyone at Animal House.

We adopted Twist (now Ms. Coco Chanel) on June 19th. She became my instant buddy and has not left my side since. However, she is terrified of men, including my husband and would not go near him. Which broke his heart since he picked her out to be his new lap buddy.

We started by having him share some of the food from his plate. This worked to the point that she would go to him as long as he had food, but no other time. She would not go outside with him or walk with him. After some research I purchased an Adaptil pheromone collar for her, and that has helped her anxiety around men greatly. The first day with the collar she greeted my husband at the door. We still have a ways to go so she can get over her trust issues, but as the photo shows we have some real progress going on.

Coco adjusted to Carlo the Dachshund and Patches the Calico Cat immediately. All three are the best buddies and run and play all day. Even the cat gets into the act. It’s an all day game of Cat and Mouse…Patches is the cat and Carlo and Coco are the mice. After Carlo lost his big brother in April, Coco is just what he needed to get out of his funk.

We were pleasantly surprised when she came home to find she was housebroken and had some leash training and would walk beautifully on the leash. We often wonder what her young life before now must have been like. She has some basic training, yet she is terrified of men and it takes her a bit to warm up to women. She loves children. We know she has had litters of pups, yet she plays as if she is still a pup herself. What has her life experience been until now? And she is terrified of the dark. Will not go outside after dark and we leave a nightlight on for her. She does not care to sleep in our bed like the other animals. My recliner is where she wants to sleep.

She is a delightful little dog and we believe in the coming weeks and months she will begin to feel totally comfortable with my husband and learn to trust that there can be happy endings. We are not going to let her go as she is not disposable to us. Little by little we notice when she has a bit more confidence and trust. And she is the best dressed dog in town. She loves her dresses.

Thank you for all you do for the animals.

Vikki Weber

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