Adopted May 2010

Hi Joana,

Wanted to update you! We are so in love with Mistletoe, she's such a cutie :) Things are going really well. The first day was the toughest, but we figured out a game plan. She was peeing non stop, I think because of the pressure on her bladder. So I started taking her outside every 30 min, and now she doesn't pee inside at all. She's so good, every time we go outside the first thing she does is pee, -and poop if she needs to. Mistletoe and Shadow, our other dog, have gotten used to each other now, and are playing up a storm. When she's not playing she's snuggling up in our laps and sleeping. So all is well, and she's not needing to pee so often now, the swelling from the surgery has come down.

We go to bed at 11pm, so she lets us know she needs to get out of her crate and pee at 4am. The I put her back into the crate again to continue sleeping, and it works really well. Thought you'd enjoy these pics underneath:)

Thanks again for taking care of her, we're so glad it worked out that we got her, she's a sweetheart -and so small! :)


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