Adopted June 2012

Dear Animal House,

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, we adopted Maggie. After fostering her for 18 months, Maggie knew from day one of foster care she found her forever home. As a dog who exhibited fear aggression, we knew we had to be patient and calm when helping her learn to trust people. After six months of fostering, Maggie started to demonstrate signs of trust by greeting people at the door, sitting on their lap on the couch and actively and excitingly meeting new people and children on walks. Hard work was starting to pay off and it was an amazing feeling.

Our other two dogs have shown Maggie how to act in a home and overall, enjoy the traits of being a dog. Maggie LOVES to play fetch, run along the fence in the backyard (and create her personal race track!), get brushed, enjoy belly rubs and best of all, sleep on our bed!

We are so thankful we opened up our hearts and home to fostering and were extremely blessed when we crossed paths with Maggie (thanks, Shanel!). Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences and even though, we have taken a break from fostering since Maggie’s adoption, we continue to encourage as many people as possible to foster for the Animal House. If you can open up your heart and home to a foster dog, we guarantee the experience will be life changing.

We honestly don’t know where Maggie would be today if Animal House hadn’t taken her in and if we hadn’t started fostering her. All things happen for a reason and Maggie was always meant to be our dog. Patience really is the greatest virtue.

A HUGE thanks to the Animal House staff for all you do! It’s your initiative to specialize in second chances and passion for dogs that makes your organization stand above the rest.

Colleen & Jason

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