Maggie (formerly Taffy)

Adopted November 2010

She is growing fast – but still smaller than we had expected at 6 months… which is great! She weighed in about three weeks ago at 37lbs… I'm sure a bit more than that now. :)

Her and Lucy are so fun together, and Maggie now makes Lucy look minuscule. She loved the first snow… literally ran around eating it all morning, and was wiped the rest of the afternoon. My husband took her hiking up Grey Rock last weekend, and Maggie spent most of the time off leash… and Shea said she did just great. We're headed to Denver for thanksgiving – and combining our two families (which means 6 dogs)… so the girls will love it!

She is such a delight. Here are some photos from this last week or two. You have any new pups around to keep you busy?

Hope you're well,

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