Macho (formerly Sulley)

Adopted August 2011

To All at Animal House,

My name is Erin and I adopted Sulley just over a month ago. I've attached some pictures for you guys. My husband and I renamed him Macho. We absolutely LOVE having him in our house! He fit right in with us and I couldn't imagine our now family without him in it.

He is a quick learner! He learned his new name pretty quickly as well as a unique whistle that my side of the family has. He doesn't like going into his crate when I leave to go to work, but he calms down and goes to sleep after a while (or at least I think he does…he's usually asleep when I get home later).

He loves to be loved! He also loves loves going on walks! Everyone who meets him absolutely loves him. He has a little girl in our complex as a friend and all he does is just lick her but she loves it. He always wants to snuggle with you under the blankets and on the couches or lays on top of the couch like a cat. My husband took him for a ride in his tractor trailer for a day and he seemed to like it.

I'm pretty sure without stress and with good nutrition there are some hairs that are growing back around his burn spots! I can't remember if they were there before or not, but they are coarse and stick up further than the rest of his hairs.

Anyhow, just wanted to send y'all an email with some pictures. Let me know if they came through! I'm sending this from my cell phone.

Thank you guys again for letting me adopt Macho!!!
The Fishers

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