Luna (Formerly Trina)

Adopted March 2018

Greetings from the Lewis/O’Donnell household!

I’ve decided to write you all to tell you how Trina, now named Luna, is adjusting.
Luna has adjusted to the outdoor potty time schedule (we have had no indoor accidents). She is tolerant of the cats, Princess, and Leo (my daughters dog). On occasionPrincess will show a little teeth and Luna will show teeth back, but most of the time the are fine with each other. It is still early, so I fully expect them to be best sisters soon.

At bedtime, Luna has her own small bed, which I put on my bed with a small blanket. She snuggles into her bed under her blanket. She is most lovey when she is on my bed. She stays in her bed all night until I get the dogs up for early morning potty, we go back to bed, and she stays until we all get up to start the day.

Luna is still a bit skittish when humans walk toward her, however after a little ‘chase’ she will sit and allow me to pick her up. The ‘chase’ time is lessening, so it won’t be long before she can be approached without her backing up and running off. Luna has no problem following humans, but once they turn around and seem to move toward her, she backs or runs off. But, as I said… this is slowly lessening. :)

Luna has also adjusted to the daily routine. When I am in my office, she, with the other dogs, lies in her bed and rests while I work. Luna has also adjusted to carrot treat time!! She loves the carrots just as much as Princess and Leo.

One of things I have learned about Luna… she is very interested in human food and would very much like humans to share with her. I’m guessing she was fed human food on occasion in her past. She loves canned food (meat with gravy) and will eat the Wellness Core dog food I feed my other two. She did not seem interested in the free bag of food I received at the pet store. We are still working on eating; she wouldn’t eat her dry dinner last night, however ate most of her dry/wet breakfast. So, we’ll keep working on it. She seems very happy, has played with the rubber balls and stuffed toys (too cute!), and I’ve even got to see a wagging tail!!

All human family members have fallen in love with her… she’ll let them (after I ‘catch’ her and sit her with them) hold her and pet her. In which she often closes her eyes and falls asleep to the gentle caressing. So to sum it up… Luna is adjusting well, everyone is adjusting well to her, and all is pretty happy in our household. She is very well loved. :) Thank you!

-Jen (Mary) Lewis


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