Lucy (formerly Sadie)

Adopted March 2009

When Lucy was found, she was severely underweight. The nice family who found her did not have the heart to take her to the pound where she did not have much hope to be adopted. Animal House came to the rescue and took her in.

Having just lost our beloved Boxer, Kylie, who was a member of our family for over 8 years, we were not expecting to fall so in love with this spunky rat terrier when we agreed to foster her. Her big expressive eyes and perky ears were quite comical when coupled with her little underbite, but her loving nature and fun personality quickly stole our hearts!

Named after Lucille Ball due to her crazy antics and loveable disposition, little Lucy became a wonderful addition to our home. She even goes to the office with us every day and has become the office mascot! She has been learning to walk well on the leash, sits pretty, speaks and gives kisses. She loves to play, play, play. From chasing squirrels to playing with all dogs..big and small, she then curls up on our laps for some snuggle time.

She is so full of life and we are so thankful to Animal House for giving her a second chance to be loved. We Love Lucy!! Now…we need to get a Ricky for her to play with!

Kris Wells
Rite Clicks, LLC

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