Lola Uley

Adopted June 2010

Dear Animal House,

My husband, Dan and I adopted Emerald now lovingly named Lola Uley (<– named after our favorite ice bar nestled in the heart of Crested Butte) back in March 2010. Lola quickly became an absolute wonderful addition to our family!! She quickly became best friends with her big brother, Tobias. Lola and Tobi play for hours on end and even at times share the same bed at night.

Lola is such a loving, sweet dog – our Vet even joked that she was quite possibly the happiest dog she had ever met and we couldn't agree more! Lola is such a joy to have as a part of our family, we couldn't imagine life without her!

Some of Lola's favorite things are playing in her backyard and watching the horses, going for walks (no matter the time of day), chewing on her endless amount of toys, rough-housing with her big brother and swimming in the lake!

We are so grateful for what you do and for saving Lola's life so that she could bless and be a part of ours!! I have attached a picture of Lola and her brother Tobi relaxing in the summer sun!

Jami & Dan Wiens

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