Adopted December 2011

To the wonderful people of Animal House,

I thought I would just write a quick letter updating you all on Lilly’s new life with me!

I (officially) adopted her back in September just before my birthday. She was the first dog I ever walked as a volunteer at Animal House and I immediately knew she was meant to be my dog. After months of job searching and even having her adopted by another family for a while, I was able to foster her.

After fostering her for a few months over the summer my feelings were solidified that she was meant to be my dog. She has absolutely lived up to my expectations for an amazing canine companion! She lives quite a wonderful life with boating during the summers, trips to the dog park, and long hikes in the snow during the wintertime.

She gets many compliments on how beautiful she is and she is wonderful off leash! Lilly is slowly coming around to men in her life, and has over time fallen in love with my boyfriend Bryan, which is really great to see! She takes her time with new men but never shows aggression towards them, which is amazing.

She is quite the princess when it comes to her treat preference, as she will mostly only eat wet treats such as jerky or others similar to that! She is beyond intelligent learning tricks very quickly with the help of her absolute favorite snack of hot dogs!

Lilly is amazing at cuddling and has decided to take over the other half of my bed as her own, which is absolutely okay with me! Overall she is everything I ever wanted in a dog and I am beyond thankful to have found her at Animal House. She puts a smile on my face every single day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks again so much for being such a wonderful shelter!

Kim & Lilly 

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