Lenny and Spider

Adopted April 2016

Dear Animal House,
Wanted to give you an update on the most precious boys ever that we adopted from you over 5 years ago.
We first got Lenny (aka Lanzy) around three months old. He has always been shy, still to this day is true, but the way to his heart is a good game of fetch, chasing the laser or his favorite treat, carrots!  He loves carrots so much he will wait by the fridge until you give him some. He is such a sweet soul and is always by my side unless he's busy playing with his other best friends.
One of Lenny's best friends, Spider, we also adopted from you. Spider is one of the most perfect dogs I've ever met. One of the cutest stories I will never forget is taking him to Petco and I heard giggling…. I looked over and Spider was licking a little babies toes and the baby and mom were cracking up laughing. Despite not having children of our own, Spider still showed his love and always does to everyone. Some of his favorite activities are long walks in the neighborhood and peanut butter filled kongs.
Lenny and Spider are enjoying their days now playing with their new sister Willow, kitty friends, chickens and goats. My husband, Dale and I love these boys so much and are so grateful being able to adopt them from you all. Thank you Animal House for blessing us with our boys!
Krysta Klinzmann

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