Kokopelli “Koko” (Formerly Marley)

Adopted October 2017

We adopted Marley, now Kokopelli, in September of 2013. We had lost both of our dogs that year andwere missing having a dog in the house.Right from the beginning, it was obvious that Koko was a “nurse” dog. I had foot surgery about twomonths after bringing Koko home. I was laid up in a recliner for two weeks. The only time he left my sidewas to go out or for a short walk with my husband. He was devoted.After recovering from the surgery, Koko and I spent many a lovely afternoon walking on our bike trails.

It was Labor Day weekend, and hot. I was in a hurry to get home because we were supposed to go to aparty.A military plane flew overhead and we looked up. Right then an elderly couple passed us on their bicyclebuilt for two. We caught up to them as they pulled over. We exchanged “Hellos” and then Koko and I wenton our way. I heard a noise behind us, and turning, I saw the bike was on the ground, but the man waspicking it up. I started walking, but Koko pulled me back towards the couple. Koko only weighs about 14pounds, but he pulled for all he was worth.I walked back with him towards the couple. Then I saw the woman fall back over on the bike. Koko and Iran to their side. She was unconscious and the man was bleeding. They had evidently fallen with thebike, and when they tried to stand, she collapsed.

I’m an RN, so I checked her pulse and it was faint and present, she was breathing, but nonresponsive. Iurged the man to call 911 and helped him identify where we were. I then checked the woman for injuriesas she was laying awkwardly on top of the bike. It was evident that she had broken her collar bone, andmaybe her arm, too. I could hear a siren in the distance when another person came upon us and shehappened to be an EMT.

When the emergency services people came and put the woman on a gurney, I remembered Koko! He hadbeen lying by the woman, licking her hand. The lady was conscious by then and she petted Koko andthanked him. She hugged me and was taken away to the hospital. I asked the man if he would like a rideto the hospital; my house wasn’t far away. He said no, hugged me tightly, patted Koko, and got on hisbike to ride home and get his car.What they didn’t know was that I wouldn’t have looked back if it hadn’t been for Koko pulling me in theirdirection. He knew something was wrong and stayed by the woman’s side when I let go of his leash andforgot about his existence for ten minutes. Turns out that Koko knows a bit about being a nurse.

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