Koda (Formerly Jack)

Adopted July 2017

Hi there!

Since adopting Koda, (formerly Jack) I have had an amazing time! He is a very active dog and loves playing fetch with me at Lee Martinez Park, or going for long walks along the Poudre trail. However, his favorite activity has to be swimming! He absolutely loves the dog park and I can never get him out of the water. He is friendly with every human he meets, and has made many dog friends. Although Koda is very active outside, the second he gets inside the apartment he is calm, cool, and cuddly! He loves to snuggle on the couch with me. When I get my sweatshirt or shoes on, he gets super excited because he thinks were going outside, and he begins to chomp his teeth together (almost like clapping hands except with his teeth). It is the quirkiest thing!He has been a wonderful addition to my life, and I wouldnt have it any other way. I lucked out! Attached are a few pictures to show you how happy he is!Thanks again!

Cheers -CarlyR.

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