Josie (Formerly Janie)

Adopted January 2014

We adopted Josie (formerly Janie) from you all June 1st, 2012 and she has not only given us the most abundant love and joy to our lives, but she has also made our family more together than we ever have been.

Josie loves to squirrel watch, jump through leaves, dig in our backyard and run figure-eights in the backyard before bed to wear herself out if she is not already tired. Josie loves goes on a long walk each night and just you can see it by the way she acts when she comes back and during the walk.  

She is our protector and makes sure every one is safe and sound each night by doing her "rounds" by going from room to room, jumping on our beds just to make sure we are there. As a family our lives have became extraordinarily and changed for he better all because our love Josie joined our family. 

Our family couldn't have welcomed a better dog into our lives, and we are so happy we were able to adopt her.
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